Our business core is tightly packed with services that hold capable Procurement, Engineering and Construction team along with the proven expertise in the MW Scale solar plants designing who all have executed many rooftop solar projects for the residential and commercial customers. We have sought for redefining the solar EPC Company’s role by providing highest level of the customer service.


We prioritise the maintenance activities as per availability and the impact of revenue. Predictive and preventive maintenance of all the components (electrical, civil and the mechanical) confirms the plant yields growth and the investment returns. Our packages are basically prepared for covering the aspects of corrective solar PV installation maintenance.


We give axis solar trackers. The new path-breaking design gives dual axis performance at the costs approximating single axis trackers present and demanded in the market. Moreover, these scattered trackers are even available in the self-powered configuration, providing higher availability and the uptimes.

One trillion seconds ago was around 30,000 b.

Solar Panels

When you decide for harnessing the natural resources, we are here to provide you support in terms of economy, material and labour.

Care Nature

Nature is symbiotically connected to mother and we need to care about her. So let’s understand that we need to come together to use easy steps for preventing her.

The Greenhouse Effect

Go Natural, stop global warming. We are here to help you in using natural source of energy to fulfill your day to day needs. So step ahead for using the services of solar zone.

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